Reception of Russia and Poland by university students

Reception of Russia and Poland by university students

Vapilin Е.G.

St.-Petersburg Institute of foreign economic links, economy and law

Mulyava О.D.

St.-Petersburg Satet University< both – St.-Petersburg, Russia

Аvramiuk-Godun А.

Warsaw university, Warsaw, Poland alina.

Vites Т.

Warsaw university, Warsaw, Poland

ID of the Article: 5169

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Vapilin Е.G., Mulyava О.D., Аvramiuk-Godun А., Vites Т. Reception of Russia and Poland by university students. Sotsiologicheskie issledovaniya [Sociological Studies]. 2015. No 3. P. 113-119


Image of any country is taken to be a weighty factor in international relations. The paper considers reception of neighboring peoples and states by students of Sr.-Petersburg and Warsaw Universities. Prevalence of positive images of both Poland and Russia is stated, while there are also stereotypes and understanding complicated relationships between both countries. It was found out that simplified understanding of images is shaped by media, and correction of opinions is possible in live communication of the young in educational process.

country’s image; students; mutual reception of nations; history; stereotypes
Content No 3, 2015