A synergetic model of society organization

A synergetic model of society organization

Pliushch А.N.

Institute of social and political psychology, National academy of sciences, Kiev, Ukraine plyushch11@mail.ru

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Pliushch А.N. A synergetic model of society organization. Sotsiologicheskie issledovaniya [Sociological Studies]. 2014. No 10. P. 14-22


A synergetic model of society organization is presented involving individual subjects (discreet entities), group subjects (systemic entities) and collective subject society as a whole (fractal entity). Not the highest, but a most complex organized model of society construction is formed within the frame of synergetic discourse presupposing application of joint efforts by the above subjects. The proposed synergetic model corresponds the best to the spirit of Russian culture and the entire Russian civilization, where – interests of all the subjects duly taken into consideration – the priority remains belonging to society’s interests.

synergetic; wholeness; fractal; nationalism; liberalism; collectivism; civilization project
Content No 10, 2014