Prelude to 21st sentury

Prelude to 21st sentury

Osipov G.V.

Institute of social political studies, Russian academy of sciences, Moscow, Russia

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Osipov G.V. Prelude to 21st sentury. Sotsiologicheskie issledovaniya [Sociological Studies]. 2014. No 6. P. 44-52


The article analyzes the phenomenon of vitality through transformational adaptations of a number of socio-political myths, created in favor of unscientific ideological conjuncture. Specific examples prove the need for debunking these myths. The process of neo-liberal reform of Russia on the basis of an unscientific experiment is critically evaluated. It is shown that with the entry of mankind into the stage of the noosphere the danger is manifold increasing of global-systemic, economic, financial, banking, environmental, demographic, racial and ethnic, sectarian and other technological and humanitarian disasters. In this regard, the primary responsibility for the fate of the world lies with Russia and the United States. They need to build new relationships, relevant to their mutual interests, to modern understanding of the world not infringing upon the interests of third parties.

myth; geopolitics; neoliberalism; social experiments; globalization; noosphere; technosphere; sociosphere; humanitarian assistance; elite; society of knowledge
Content No 6, 2014