On the relationship of sciences and humanities

On the relationship of sciences and humanities

Аsratyan N.М.

Naberezhnye Chelny State University, Naberezhnye Chelny, Russia norair.asratyan@gmail.com

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Аsratyan N.М. On the relationship of sciences and humanities. Sotsiologicheskie issledovaniya [Sociological Studies]. 2016. No 6. P. 138-141


The article shows that the possibilities of interaction of natural and social sciences and humanities should be considered with regard to their specificity. In the natural sciences the principles of proof and refutation coexist separately excluding each other, in social and humanitarian sciences they are inseparable and presuppose each other. Humanities and social sciences bear the contradiction between subjectivity and striving for objectivity; the struggle between scientific schools and the desire to develop a single glance; between the need for evidence based knowledge and limited source (including empirical) basis.

natural sciences; social sciences and humanities; the truth; evidence; refutation
Content No 6, 2016