Sociology of Communication in the Structure of interdisciplinary scientific Direction “Communicology”

Sociology of Communication in the Structure of interdisciplinary scientific Direction “Communicology”

Sharkov F.I.

RANEPA Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, Russia

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Sharkov F.I. Sociology of Communication in the Structure of interdisciplinary scientific Direction “Communicology”. Sotsiologicheskie issledovaniya [Sociological Studies]. 2016. No 12. P. 128-134


Communicative direction in the study of social reality has a theoretical basis and application results obtained in the framework of existing conceptual approaches and research paradigms. Every science or scientific discipline, studying various aspects of communication or problems contiguous to communication, lay the emphasis on a particular subject of study. Sociology studies the functional properties of communication in different social groups representing their interaction – transmission and reception of semantic and evaluative information – to operate on this interaction, as well as on attitude towards social values within certain communities and society as a whole. Economic, social, political and other interests determine communication as process of interaction of subjects. Likewise, sociology studies the interaction of social and communicative factors in interpersonal, intragroup, and mass communication, as well as levels of communication, types of communication systems, their units and categories, particular functions of social communication. For a sociologist, it is important to study communication as a socially determined process subject to formation of individual and/or group patterns of verbal behavior. On the basis of mutual understanding in this interacting process a set of activities and arrangements is to be defined to ensure achievement of communicative purposes. Sociology of communication, along with interpersonal and intragroup communication, is a comprehensive study of mass communication, as it explores social factors contributing to the influence of mass media on public opinion. The object of the Sociology of communication is social communication. Changing trends in science created the need for an independent discipline, a system of knowledge about communication. The science «Communicology» by its disciplinary organization is a system of disciplines with rationales to their possible interconnections. In it a discipline of sociology – sociology of communication – stands to integrate theoretical and applied sociological research in the field of social communications. Communicology as a whole is designed to consolidate a variety of theoretical systems, in one way or another related to communication issues.

communication; social communication; communicology; sociology of communication; communicative activity; communication science; theory of communication
Content No 12, 2016