Russian-speaking migrants in Southeast Asia

Russian-speaking migrants in Southeast Asia

Ryazantsev S.V.

Corresponding Member of the RAS, Dr. Sci. (Econ.), Prof., Director, Institute for Demographic Research of FCTAS RAS; Head Department of Demographic and Migration Policy, MGIMO, Moscow, Russia

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Ryazantsev S.V. Russian-speaking migrants in Southeast Asia. Sotsiologicheskie issledovaniya [Sociological Studies]. 2017. No 8. P. 66-72


The article discusses the features and forms of modern emigration of Russian citizens to South-East Asia based on domestic and foreign statistics especially features of the formation and socio-demographic structure of the “Russian-speaking” communities in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Singapore. The characteristic features of “Russianspeaking” economy operation in the countries of Southeast Asia are discribed, which is not only a serious socio-economic phenomenon with significant development potential. It is noted that in the Russian foreign policy and foreign economic activity, the factor of “Russian-speaking” communities and “Russian-speaking” economies has not yet found a proper reflection and is not used as a resource for promoting Russian interests in the region.

factors; forms, trends; the emigration of Russian citizens; Russia; South East Asia (SEA); tourism; temporary migration; migration for permanent residence


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Content No 8, 2017