Growing male prostitution in Russia as a social problem

Growing male prostitution in Russia as a social problem

Smirnov A.M.

Dr. Sci. (Law), Associate Prof., Chief Researcher SIC-2, Research Institute, Federal Penitentiary Service; Department of Criminal Law Disciplines, International Law Institute, Moscow, Russia

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Smirnov A.M. Growing male prostitution in Russia as a social problem . Sotsiologicheskie issledovaniya [Sociological Studies]. 2018. No 8. P. 128-133


The article actualizes the problem of male prostitution in Russia. The characteristics of males who provide sexual services on a commercial basis are given, it is shown that the provision of these services discredits the gender characteristics of a man, his appearance in the «mirror» of the generally accepted social and moral norms of behavior. The system of factors contributing to the spread of this social phenomenon in Russian society is described: sodo- idedogical (lowering the level of morality); sodo-economic (the formation of a «consumer society», the financial disadvantage of a large part of the population, especially among young people and marginalized groups, the emergence of precariat; the increase in the socioeconomic status of women, the development of the market for erotic and pornographic content); socio-cultural (freedom of sexual behavior, deformation of gender identity of men, tolerance to the practice of same-sex sexual contacts); social-psychological (infantilization of males, the desire to earn «easy money», the absence or reduction of possible ways of self-assertion of the individual in society, the spread of the phenomenon of sodal loneliness, the psychological «liberation» of a modem Russian woman); sodal-pedagogical (educational) (crisis of the family institution, homelessness, lack of a system of sexual education and education of minors and youth); sociomedical (earty sexual life of males, free access to contraceptives). In spite of the fact that there are currently quite a large number of supporters for the introduction of commercial sexual services on a commerdal basis, induding male ones, the author is convinced that the phenomenon deserves a negative sodal and ethical evaluation. Prostitution is a «breeding ground» for the antisocial way of life, leading to various kinds of offenses, induding crime (in particular, «drug crime»). In connection with this, it is required to conduct sdentific research on the social nature of male prostituting behavior in Russia and to develop effective measures for its prevention.

russian society; male prostitution; morality; social health


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