The Class Teacher in the School Today

The Class Teacher in the School Today

Shevchenko P.V.

Cand. Sci. (Psychol.), Assoc. Prof., Senior Scientific Researcher, Moscow Pedagogical State University, Moscow, Russia

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Shevchenko P.V. The Class Teacher in the School Today. Sotsiologicheskie issledovaniya [Sociological Studies]. 2019. No 6. P. 133-139


The social role of the class teacher in the Moscow school and its specific functions of training infrastructure coordinator and organizer are considered. An attempt is made to measure the significant differences between the professional activity of the class teacher and the ordinary teacher. The perception of the class teacher functional duties by parents of pupils is compared with the teachers’ perception. The conclusion about new conditions of the class teacher professional activity is based on the data analysis of sociological surveys. Modern school requires from a class teacher in the first place intensive communication with parents, ability to resolve emerging conflicts between teachers and parents, and also among pupils. Today the class teacher takes on the complex role of a mediator, who is responsible for the safety and functioning of the school environment in general, and because of modern technology, he has to be always and everywhere «in touch».

school; class teacher; professional qualities; managerial competence


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Content No 6, 2019