Extremist Attitudes among the Krasnoyarsk Students

Extremist Attitudes among the Krasnoyarsk Students

Diveeva K.A.

Post-graduate Student, Sociology Department, Siberian Federal University, Krasnoyarsk, Russia kseniya-fedyukina@yandex.ru

ID of the Article: 8342

Rubric: First steps

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Diveeva K.A. Extremist Attitudes among the Krasnoyarsk Students. Sotsiologicheskie issledovaniya [Sociological Studies]. 2020. No 10. P. 139-145


The article presents results of propensity study to extremism among students of three higher educational institutions of Krasnoyarsk based on an online survey (N = 442) in February–April 2020 using the methods of D.G. Davydov, K.D. Khlomov and K.V. Zlokazov. A “risk group” was identified, consisting of two non-overlapping subgroups: 3% of students had maximum level of concentration of extremist attitudes, and other 4% – maximum level of concentration of violent extremist dispositions. The authoritarianism and xenophobic attitudes are most outspoken among Krasnoyarsk students. These attitudes are more common for men. Authoritarian attitudes are more pronounced among the cadets of the higher educational institutions of the RF Ministry of the Interior. Correlation analysis has revealed that individuals with the authoritarianism and nationalistic attitudes are more likely to commit violent acts. There is almost no connection between other characteristics of extremist attitudes and the dispositions to violent extremism.

student youth; sociology of extremism; extremist attitudes; dispositions of violent extremism; xenophobia; nationalism; authoritarianism


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