Theoretical Sociology in Modern Russia: Global and National Perspectives

Theoretical Sociology in Modern Russia:
Global and National Perspectives

Titarenko L.G.

Dr. Sci. (Sociol.), Prof., Belarusian State University; Associate Researcher, Sociological Institute of FCTAS RAS, Minsk, Belarus

ID of the Article: 9072

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Titarenko L.G. Theoretical Sociology in Modern Russia: Global and National Perspectives. Sotsiologicheskie issledovaniya [Sociological Studies]. 2022. No 4. P. 3-14


The article provides a brief analysis of theoretical processes in post-Soviet Russian sociology. The current state and prospects for development of theoretical sociology are discussed in the context of global sociology and in the framework of original sociological theories on Russian soil. Within the first framework, a special place is given to the problem of borrowing and imitating foreign theories that take place among Russian sociologists educated and socialized in the West. It is stated that the development of national theories does not reject a possibility of relying on some global achievements and does not mean indigenization of Russian sociology. The article describes views on the general state of theoretical sociology and assessment of individual Russian theories (modernization, eco-risk, sociology of life, etc.), highlights their weaknesses and problems hindering their development. The author’s position on the combination of the global and national in theoretical sociology, general sociological and special sociological theories, study of national traditions of science is offered. It is concluded that there are no prospects for a new grand theory, while coexistence of many general theories that determine the probabilistic paths of Russia’s development is possible. The need for an active position of Russian sociologists in theoretical construction is emphasized.

theoretical sociology; global and national sociology; crisis; modernization theories; civilizational analysis; interdisciplinarity; national heritage


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