Wives of Diplomats: Career Opportunities in a Situation of Professional Family Interaction

Wives of Diplomats:
Career Opportunities in a Situation of Professional Family Interaction

Ivanova E.Yu.

Сand. Sci. (Econ.), Senior Researcher, Institute of Sociology of FCTAS RAS, Moscow, Russia ele6248@yandex.ru

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Ivanova E.Yu. Wives of Diplomats: Career Opportunities in a Situation of Professional Family Interaction. Sotsiologicheskie issledovaniya [Sociological Studies]. 2023. No 6. P. 68-76


The problems of self-determination of diplomats’ wives within the framework of professional family interaction are at the center of the study. The factors influencing the status of a diplomat’s wife in the conditions of a business trip abroad are highlighted: diplomatic immunity prescribed by international and domestic legislation, the diplomatic rank of the spouse, as well as the social roles, functions and tasks assigned to her within the framework of the norms and rules of diplomatic activity. The restrictions on the professional career of the wives of diplomats, influencing their choice of a particular trajectory of social behavior, are systematized. The study relied on the included unsystematic observation of phenomena in the daily lives of the families of diplomats as a covert participant; content analysis of documents – materials from Internet sites and Internet forums; secondary analysis of sociological and historical research data. Conclusions are drawn about the relevance of the legal strengthening of the status of the wives of diplomats, which would take into account the current situation and consolidate the possibilities of a stable perspective.

wife; diplomat; social role; citizen; career; professional group; status; family; social group; forced downtime


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