“Fighting Nation” – National Image of Russia in China

“Fighting Nation” – National Image of Russia in China

Ren Ran

Ph.D. in intercultural communication, Senior Lecturer, North China University of Water Resources and Electricity, Zhengzhou, China renran@ncwu.edu.cn

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Ren Ran “Fighting Nation” – National Image of Russia in China. Sotsiologicheskie issledovaniya [Sociological Studies]. 2023. No 7. P. 127-132


The national image is a multidimensional and integral construction. In this study, using the method of quantitative analysis of Internet data, the image of the “fighting nation” of Russia in Chinese media communication is demonstrated indicating that “fighting nation” is a stereotypical image of Russia, especially this image is widely accepted by young people. From the position of communicative sociology, a multidimensional analysis of the reasons for the image marking of Russia as a “fighting nation” in the eyes of the Chinese is carried out, which will help to avoid stigmatization, as well as develop strategies aimed at dispelling people’s misconceptions about specific nations and groups.

fighting nation; Russia; national image; label, stereotype


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