Мodernization and revolution

Мodernization and revolution

Мartynov М.Yu.

Dr. Sci. (Pol.), Prof., Principal Researcher, Surgut State University, Surgut, Russia martinov.mu@gmail.com

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Мartynov М.Yu. Мodernization and revolution. Sotsiologicheskie issledovaniya [Sociological Studies]. 2015. No 7. P. 133-139


The article considers two approaches presented in discussion in “Sociological Studies” journal of the role of 1917 Russian Revolution in the country’s modernization. Despite all the differences in these approaches – Marxist theory, reflecting the views on the 1917 October Revolution as a beginning of fundamental changes, and current liberal-conservative concept considering, on the contrary, that the revolution interrupted Russia’s modernization – they are united by the desire to rely on empirical material of historical sociology. And this is main positive result of the discussion. Author offers option – explaining 1917 Russian Revolution as a natural outcome of specific version of “elite” type modernization launched by the reform of 1861.

Content No 7, 2015