Psychological factors of corruption

Psychological factors of corruption

Zhuravlev A.L.

Institute of Psychology, Russianacademy of sciences, Moscow, Russia

Yorevich A.V.

Institute of Psychology, Russian Academy of Sciences

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Zhuravlev A.L., Yorevich A.V. Psychological factors of corruption. Sotsiologicheskie issledovaniya [Sociological Studies]. 2014. No 7. P. 63-71


The article deals with psychology of corruption as a new branch of psycholog-ical investigation. The results of psychological investigation of corruptionists, particular fea-tures of Russian’s attitudes towards corruption, its connection with the specificity of Russianculture and “near-corruption” phenomena are described. Capacities of psychological scienceand practices in countering corruption like overcoming tolerant attitude to it, psychologicalmonitoring of anticorruption draft laws, testing candidates to “bribes vulnerable positions”with special psychological methods, etc. are depicted.

psychology of corruption; mass consciousness; formal and informal rela-tions; near-corruption phenomena; psychological measures to counter corruption
Content No 7, 2014