Process of military sociology institutionalization in Russia

Process of military sociology institutionalization in Russia

Obraztsov I.V.

Dr. Sci. (Sociol.), Prof., the Department of Sociology, Head of Sociological Laboratory, Moscow State Linguistic University, Moscow, Russia

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Obraztsov I.V. Process of military sociology institutionalization in Russia. Sotsiologicheskie issledovaniya [Sociological Studies]. 2014. No 7. P. 135-145


Trends in institutionalization of military sociology in the USSR and the Rus-sian Federation as reflected in issues of Sociologicheskie Issledovanija (Sociological Studies) journal published between 1974 and 2013 are investigated. In total, 162 articles devotedto a wide range of military sociology issues were published within that period. For the sake ofconvenience, the process of institutionalization of military sociology is divided into decadesand publications that reflect it are arranged similarly thus allowing the author to draw conclu-sions about impactSociologicheskie Issledovanijajournal has had on institutionalization ofmilitary sociology in Russia.

military sociology; institutionalization; Sociologicheskie Issledovanija(Sociological Studies) journal; publications; the military; Russian Federation
Content No 7, 2014