On the director’s post

On the director’s post

Ivanov V.N.

Corresponding Member, Russian Academy of Sciences, Adviser, Institute for Socio-Political Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia. vilen.ivanov@yandex.ru

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Ivanov V.N. On the director’s post. Sotsiologicheskie issledovaniya [Sociological Studies]. 2014. No 7. P. 147-151


Vilen Nikolaevich Ivanov offers his memories on events, when he has beenapprovedfor the post of Institute of sociology, Academy of sciences of the USSR directorholding this office for a period between early 1983 and September, 1988. The very procedures of his approval in highest party and academy echelons are described in detail. Resultsand conclusions of an USSR Academy of sciences Presidium commission (1985) are broughtto light quoting final proceedings.

History of the Institute of sociology, Russian academy of sciences; admin-istering academic organizations; CPSU Central committee, Department of science
Content No 7, 2014