Mutual co-influence of natural and socio-humanitarian sciences on social processes

Mutual co-influence of natural and socio-humanitarian sciences on social processes

Yakovenko А.V.

Dr. Sci. (Sociol.), Prof., Head of the Department of Sociology and Social Technologies, Lugansk State University named after Vladimir Dahl, Lugansk, Russia

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Yakovenko А.V. Mutual co-influence of natural and socio-humanitarian sciences on social processes. Sotsiologicheskie issledovaniya [Sociological Studies]. 2016. No 2. P. 12-19


The article presents an analysis of social consequences caused by implementation of ideas and development of natural and humanitarian knowledge. The whole complex of ambiguous influences of various scientific directions on society is divided into three interrelated areas: production-technological, humanitarian and status-role. Each of these areas presents characteristics of social consequences of radical transformations, which are usually defined as “revolutions.” In particular, among major radical changes in industrial and technological sphere, author gives characteristics to technological-manufacturing, information-communication, biotechnological and consumer revolutions; in humanitarian sphere – social-political, educational, global-humanitarian, anti-clerical and intellectual revolutions; and in status-role sphere – anti-social class, gender, sexual and generational revolutions. Author briefly describes positive and negative assessments of each of them, as well as issues of their influence directly on personality. Attention is paid to the fact that formal emancipation of personality is accompanied by creation of the new system of imaginary freedoms and real dependences. The article states relevance of the questions about meaning of life existence in infrastructure-saturated and ideologically ambiguous world. It is emphasized that consequences of the sixth economic order should be based on the idea of close coordination of breakthrough discoveries in natural sciences, initiating access to micro level (nano-technologies), finding digestible conscious plans of transition to self-sustainable, socially responsible and creative personality. It is also necessary to take into account the contradiction between the desire to improve predictability of social processes through widespread introduction of achievements of natural sciences especially in biotechnology and the risk of creating a kind of electronic-information-biological neo totalitarianism with new/old hierarchies. The article states lack of productive international interaction between representatives of natural and social-humanitarian sciences with appropriate financial and media support of leading countries, influential international organizations, financial institutions and transnational corporations in order to solve key ambitious goals of productive projects in humanistic social development.

social processes; personality; revolution; scientific achievements; technological mode; meaning mindsets
Content No 2, 2016