Specifics of students’ religiousness

Specifics of students’ religiousness

Аrinin Е.I.

A.G. and N.G. Stoletov Vladimir State University, Vladimir, Russia. eiarinin@mail.ru

Petrosian D.I.

A.G. and N.G. Stoletov Vladimir State University, and director of “Mid-Russia consulting center), Vladimir, Russia ilyich87@yandex.ru

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Аrinin Е.I., Petrosian D.I. Specifics of students’ religiousness. Sotsiologicheskie issledovaniya [Sociological Studies]. 2016. No 6. P. 71-77


The article is devoted to the study of students’ religiosity as a communicative relationship in the context of the ideas conceptualized by N. Luhmann. Authors identify features of the “primary”, “confessional” and “modern” type of religiosity. Empirical base of the research are survey results involving students of Vladimir state University. Combination of “communicativistcs ontology” approach by N. Luhmann and “interpretive anthropology” by C. Geertz helps to better represent characteristics of religiousness of modern students.

college students; religious youth; Luhmann; religion; religious lifestyle
Content No 6, 2016