Subjective social mobility: perspective of qualitative approach

Subjective social mobility:
perspective of qualitative approach

Semenova V.V.

Institute of Sociology, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia

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Semenova V.V. Subjective social mobility: perspective of qualitative approach. Sotsiologicheskie issledovaniya [Sociological Studies]. 2016. No 6. P. 84-93


The paper discusses the notion of subjective social mobility, which appeared to be a centre of both in theoretical and empirical discussions as combining macro- and micro in social transition research. Multidimensional approach towards social mobility is based on sociocultural concept and focuses on individual strategies in different sociocultural contexts. The author argues what new aspects of social mobility could be developed with this approach: for example, individual orientation on local context, individual motives, community ties and different constrains for social mobility. Advantages and disadvantages of such method are demonstrated through examples of biographical interviews in different sociocultural contexts of Russian socium, where several types of individual strategies are seen as different local models of individual reaction on social change. As a result the author proposes a more realistic method of social mobility investigation combining micro- and macro data.

subjective social mobility; biographical research; generational research; sociocultural context; choice motivation; individual strategy; social change
Content No 6, 2016