Social theory in the contact zone of the methods of natural science: informational resonance approach to interpreting social reality

Social theory in the contact zone of the methods of natural science:
informational resonance approach to interpreting social reality

Ignatyev V.I.

Dr. Sci. (Philos.), Professor, Department of Sociology and Mass Communications, Novosibirsk State Technical University, Russia

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Ignatyev V.I. Social theory in the contact zone of the methods of natural science: informational resonance approach to interpreting social reality. Sotsiologicheskie issledovaniya [Sociological Studies]. 2017. No 3. P. 3-13


The article considers the possibility of transdisciplinary research methodology of information-resonant processes in social structures. The author believes that existing general theories of modern society have exhausted themselves. New scientific revolution is brewing. The reason for this is the transformation of information resource of social life and characters in modern production. Recourse to the concept of information as the basis for the establishment of sociological theory ot contemporary society involves the creation of a special methodology. This methodology is available as a transdisciplinary integrating sociology methods with methods of the natural sciences and general scientific methodology. The result of this integration is to create a new theoretical object. The author believes that the way the impact of information on social processes is a resonant wave motion in the flow of information. The author examines the relationship between social transformation and the growth of information flows. Sign-symbolic and semantic worlds consist in intensive interaction with the substantive peace society and evoke powerful headwind response-resonance. Under the influence of informational resonance are transformed all the elements of the social system. Opened and analyzed is the effect of informational resonance. Resonance is born within information flows and social structures. The basis for the elaboration of methodology for studying information and resonant processes may become the theory of vortex-wave and structural resonance. Information resonance are approach gives possibility to select from a wide variety of resonant social structures wave information flows and on this basis to interpret emerging structural abnormalities in contemporary society – anomie, deviation, crises and disasters. Transdisciplinary methodology allows to create a new theoretical object – information theory of resonance in social systems. This is model of informational-resonant mechanism reproduction of society. On its basis we can reveal hidden causal relationships in social processes. Opened and analyzed are the mechanism of mutation of social action. Social action breaks up the virtual and actual actions. The author substantiates the claim that information explosion puts social systematic destruction. Structures of everyday life immersed individuals in space constructed alternatives to social reality. The author argues that the individualized society became a reality and has acquired the look of “quantified social reality”. Consideration is being given to use in social theory of quantum paradigm approach in version “of relativity states” by H. Everett. “Shadow” social actions are interpreted as hidden shadow connotations.

transdisciplinary methodology; informational resonance; mutation action system; social reality; virtual social action; quantum effects; shadow particles


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