Russia between despair and hope (about R. Grinberg’s two books)

Russia between despair and hope (about R. Grinberg’s two books)

Kochegarova T.M.

Senior Research, Institute of Economics, Russian Academy Sciences, Moscow, Russia

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Kochegarova T.M. Russia between despair and hope (about R. Grinberg’s two books). Sotsiologicheskie issledovaniya [Sociological Studies]. 2017. No 7. P. 159-166


In the modern scientific search there is more and more a tendency to methods of cognition synthesis. This is especially true for the social sciences, in which the boundaries between the various branches of social science becomes blurred or conditional. One of the most prominent Russian economists Corresponding Member of RAS R. Grinberg – scientific director of the Institute of Economics – in his last two monographs devoted to the results of the Russian reforms of the 1990s, not only as a representative of theoretical economics, but also as a social philosopher, historian, cultural studies, psychology and political science, as a sociologist, in other words, specialist, considering society as a whole. And it is the only way to make an accurate assessment of the Russian Reformation that led our country to its present sad state.

the dialectic of freedom and justice; balance, social democracy or neo-liberalism; sociodynamics or systemic crisis


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