Politics and morality – Yuli Martov in 1917

Politics and morality – Yuli Martov in 1917

Vodolazov G.G.

Dr. Sci. (Philos.), Prof., Political theory department, Moscow State University of International Relations, MFA of Russia, Vice-president of the Academy of political science, Moscow, Russia gvodolazov@yandex.ru

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Vodolazov G.G. Politics and morality – Yuli Martov in 1917. Sotsiologicheskie issledovaniya [Sociological Studies]. 2017. No 10. P. 44-55


Dramatic revolutionary processes that took place in Russia in the period of February-October 1917 posed a lot of questions to the social theory. Among them the question that is particularly acute in the situation of revolutionary social transformation – the relationship between politics and morality. How compatible are these notions? The problem is viewed through the prism of public activity of the one of the outstanding figures of that period, who was also characterised as a person of high moral principles – Y.O. Martov. Outstanding though he had been with his moral appeals, his political tactics were far inferior to the moral ones. Briefly reviewing Martov’s becoming a person known for his higherst moral standards among Russian Social-democrats of the early 20th century, the author of the paper shows his activities through the tumultuos events of 1917 revolution and early years of Bolshevik rules. Be Martov more consequent in his political decisions and actions a union of left-wing revolutionary soocialist parties would have been feasible, so the author.

politics, morality; moral; revolution; reforms; dictatorship; democracy; Bolsheviks; Mensheviks; Socialist-Revolutionaries; Cadets


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