The phenomenon of old age

The phenomenon of old age

Ivanov V.N.

Corresponding Member, Russian Academy of Sciences, Adviser, Institute for Socio-Political Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia.

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Ivanov V.N. The phenomenon of old age. Sotsiologicheskie issledovaniya [Sociological Studies]. 2017. No 11. P. 164-170


The population greying has become one of the strongest tendencies for the recent years. This fact has become the basis of growing interest for the researches from different scientific areas to the target group of people who are aged 70 and more. The age of 70 is most likely as a border when the decline of life appears. What does a man who has successfully overcome this first step of “third age” feel? How has his lifestyle changed and what are his attitudes to the future and the past? How are the pattern of ‘third age’ people and their problems forming in public opinion? All of these questions are in a focus of the resent research. According to the Data collected both by colleagues and the author by himself, some of the main problems of older people and the ways to overcome such challenges and problems are underlined in the resent paper. The author paid much attention to such period of life as a childhood and its role in a further life of each person. The methodology for memory analyzing of the target group is also developed by the author and presented in the paper. The author also outlines the importance of secondary socialization of people who are aged 70 and more and the need for adaptation to a new reality and social conditions beyond the reforms in contemporary Russia.

third age; old age; foretime; memories; social expectations; social assessments; secondary socialization
Content No 11, 2017