The Tramp’s Factor and Russia: Sociological Aspects

The Tramp’s Factor and Russia:
Sociological Aspects

Dobrokhotov L.N.

Dr. Sci. (Philos.), International Relations Sociology Chair professor, Faculty of Sociology, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia

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Dobrokhotov L.N. The Tramp’s Factor and Russia: Sociological Aspects. Sotsiologicheskie issledovaniya [Sociological Studies]. 2019. No 6. P. 123-132


The unusual Donald Trump’s figure emergence on political podium looks as unforeseen only at first glance. In reality this is an unknown for many pattern, arising from radical changes in different countries of the world and in their mutual relations that took place during last decade and meaning the World Order fundamental change, the transition from unipolar to multipolar world. Plane and simple it couldn’t not but affect US position in the world and in American domestic affairs. Voluntarily shoulding the burden of unique and exclusive World leader – the goal Americans had strived to achive since the founding of their state – turned to be unreachable. As follows from Trump’s statements, he realizes the necessity to relieve some of the burden and to shift the center of efforts to America’s internal modernisation that would be capable to prevent actual loss by this state of its superpower status. Yet natural failure of the triumph that had been celebrated by USA after USSR dissolution did not satisfy triumphalists. They are the some Democratic Party followers (not all of them) and neokons, deep state agents who are not ready to tolerate neither Russia’s rebirth, nor Trump’s victory and who in reality are waging paralel war both against Russia and Trump. Hence the Russiagate promotion to the fore at this war with accusations vs. President and his people for collaboration with Russia. All this is going on in an environment of the new cold war unforeseen neither for us, not for Americans that is much more dangerous for both countries and for all mankind then the old one. Further complicating factor is unpredictability and rugged style of Trump’s governance. In any case, under this president and his leadership, the country has entered a state of deep internal crisis, at the same time instigating an external crisis primarily in American-Russian and American-Chinese relations.

Trump; voters’ preferences; multipolar world; Rashagate; new cold war; «clash of civilizations»


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