Sociology of Philosophy: Development Difficulties

Sociology of Philosophy:
Development Difficulties

Popkova N.V.

Dr. Sci. (Philos.), Professor of the Bryansk State Technical University, Bryansk, Russia

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Popkova N.V. Sociology of Philosophy: Development Difficulties . Sotsiologicheskie issledovaniya [Sociological Studies]. 2019. No 8. P. 133-142


The article shows that the sociology of philosophy (the science of the social laws of the organization, functioning and development of philosophy) today occupies an insignificant place among sociological disciplines devoted to various areas of culture. Perhaps the sociological study of philosophy is already taking place within the framework of the sociology of science. However, the social mechanism of the regulation of philosophical research and the influence of philosophical search on social processes are different from such processes in modern science: its degeneration into techno-science shares the social functions of science and philosophy. Perhaps a minor interest for the sociology of philosophy is explained by the insignificant influence of philosophy on social processes in a technogenic society. In this case, the reasons for the loss by philosophy of its leading place in culture deserve to be studied: we need to investigate social connections and social interactions, social relations and ways of social behavior arising between people when creating and disseminating philosophical systems. The article substantiates the need for further development of the sociology of philosophy as an independent direction, studying social factors, mechanisms and patterns of the emergence, development and functioning of philosophy, as well as social dependence of philosophical creativity and its consequences. The subject and object of the study of the sociology of philosophy, the tasks facing it and connections with other sociological disciplines are discussed in the article.

sociology; philosophy; modernity; post-non-classical science; social institutions; technogenic society; social functions of philosophy; sociology of science
Content No 8, 2019