“Colonial Democracy” in A.A. Zinovyev’s Sociology

“Colonial Democracy” in A.A. Zinovyev’s Sociology

Zaitcev A.V

Dr. Sci. (Polit.), Assoc. Prof. Department of Philosophy, Cultural Studies and Social Communications, Kostroma State University. Kostroma, Russia aleksandr-kostroma@mail.ru

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Zaitcev A.V “Colonial Democracy” in A.A. Zinovyev’s Sociology. Sotsiologicheskie issledovaniya [Sociological Studies]. 2022. No 10. P. 17-26


The article discusses A.A. Zinoviev’s sociological conception, which he called “logical sociology“. One of the tasks of “logical sociology” its author saw in the development of new concepts. Among them, a most important role belongs to “colonial democracy”, used by A.A. Zinoviev in his logical and sociological discourse and interpretation of the specifics of the world community development in the context of globalization. In the article, the author attempts to comprehensively reconstruct Zinoviev’s concept of “colonial democracy”, as well as his studies against the backdrop of the emerging unipolar geopolitical model of the world. The author states that this trend has acquired particular relevance in the field of socio-political theory and practice. Based on this, conclusion is made about the ultimate accuracy of the A.A. Zinoviev logical and sociological diagnostics, as well as special methodological relevance of the “colonial democracy”, “global neo-colonialism” concepts and other approaches to explaining and interpreting processes taking place in the field of international relations and geopolitics at the global level.

A.A. Zinoviev; logical sociology; colonial democracy; West; Russia; globalization; geopolitics; discourse


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